Juno Temple discusses nude scenes

You’ve been nude onscreen before, you’ve talked about it. Is there anything liberating in being sexual onscreen, as you are especially in the love scene in this movie?

As a woman, I think it’s hard sometimes being naked on camera because you do get penalized a bit for it. But being sexualized, as long as it’s seen in the right way in a love-making scene—making love is really sexy. And I think it’s important that there’s a difference between that scene between Merrin and Ig, and then later on the scene in the forest, where it’s a fucking destructive, horrible scene.

You mentioned possibly being penalized for being sexual. It seems like you’re aware of that, but not afraid of it.

No. Fuck that. I think America can be a little frustrating about nude scenes. Making movies is about showing all different things, but America embraces violence more than it does nudity. Sometimes I get very frustrated about that. I feel very European about that. You can sunbathe topless on the beach in Europe.

Well, it’s very hypocritical, too. There’s a clear fascination with sex in our culture, but also shame about it, and that gets taken out on other people, especially women.

What annoys me sometimes is how instead of embracing female sexuality, it gets abused. You use a hot, sexual girl in a way that isn’t done beautifully. It’s unusual to not enjoy sex, to not enjoy being sexual, to not enjoy that part of life, because it’s such a liberating and magical thing. But weirdly, showing it on camera, it can be done so wrong, and that’s something I’m afraid of. I don’t ever want to be shown as a hot piece of ass. I’ll take my clothes off if it’s valid for the scene, if it’s important, if it’s a love-making scene. I think sometimes being naked on camera can be very vulnerable, and that really works for a scene, too. But I think there has to be meaning behind it. I’m not a girl that’s just like, “Woo hoo! I’m an exhibitionist.”


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